Juneau Whale Watch

We Offer a 100% Guarantee that you will see whales on all of our Juneau Whale watching tours or we will issue you a full refund. 

Alaska Humpback Whale Breach
Our Humpback Whales stay with us all summer long and are seen in the channel eating and playing every day. They never travel far, ensuring that we will get a good look. They leave us in the winter time to head back to Maui, but they keep coming back year after year.

When we see Orcas they are by far the most playful. Orcas love jumping out of the water and coming up close to the boat. They are very social so you never see just one. Orcas commonly travel in groups up to 8 or 10, They move fast and do not stay in the same place like the humpbacks do, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee sightings. However, our Captains are tenaciously searching for Orcas during our trips.
Alaska Whale Watch

Alaska Whale watching

Bubble net feeding is a phenomena that is documented in very few places. Scientists have remained baffled since the 60′s when it was first discovered. It is a co-operative feeding method. This activity is rare however we have seen groups of up to 20 humpbacks bubble net feeding at a time.

Alaska Shore Excursions

There is plenty of wildlife out there in the channel near Juneau Alaska. We often see Steller Sea lions, Eagles, and Bears walking along the shore

All of our boats are equipped with bathrooms and we provide snacks and water to all of our guests. Our boats have a captain that navigates through the channel and a naturalist who keeps our guests entertained for the duration of our trips. Our boats are equipped with the most advanced radar and sonar equipment made specifically for whale watching.

Whale Watching in Juneau Alaska

Tours to Mendenhall Glacier

Optional – After our Whale Watching adventure we swing by the Mendenhall Glacier national park. We stop for 30 min or more and enjoy the views of  one of the most spectacular attractions in all of Southeast Alaska. We drop you off directly at the Visitor Center. If you would like to stay longer just ask and we may be able to accommodate you depending on your ship schedule. Thank you for booking our Alaska whale watch

$130 Adults
$115 Kids 3-12
$0 Infants

Duration 4.5 Hours