Misty Fjords Float Plane

Ketchikan Sea Plane

Visit the Misty Fjords National Monument in one of our Beavers or Otters. During our 75 minutes of flight time we will view some of the most spectacular scenery in Alaska. Every seat is a window seat, and every passenger will enjoy live narration over our state of the art, noise canceling headsets. You are welcome to ask questions at any time, or speak to others in your party.

Misty Fjords

A highlight of your Misty Fjords tour will be the landing. The Misty Fjord is over 2.3 million acres, so we have plenty of options for places to land.  We can then exit the plane and get a better view of the fjord.
Juneau Helicopter Tour


The Misty Fjords is home to brown and black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, wolves, moose and bald eagles  1 hour 15 minutes flight time with a 15-20 minute landing plus travel time comes to 2 hours total tour.Cost = $239 per person