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Welcome to Alaska
Skagway City and White Pass Summit Tour

Duration 2.5 Hours
Cost $45 Adults
$25 Kids
$0 Infants


Dog Sled Tour

Skagway Yukon Discovery

Duration 6 Hours
Cost $99 Adults
$70 Kids
$o Infants


Run Bear

Skagway Yukoner

Duration 3.5 Hours
Cost $69 Adults
$40 Kids
$0 Infants



The gold rush to the Klondike started In 1896 after gold  was found in the Yukon Territory in Canada.  Thousands of miners flocked to Skagway and prepared for the 500-mile journey to the gold fields in Canada.

The population increased enormously and reached 30,000 prospectors. Within weeks, stores, saloons, and offices lined the streets of Skagway.

Our White Pass Summit Tour is our most affordable tour and is a good way to get a general understanding of Skagway and its surrounding areas. The Yukon Discovery is our most popular tour. Our guests see most everything they do on the White Pass Summit Tour, except the trip is longer and goes further to Emerald Lake, about 150 miles round trip. This is the best possibility for wildlife sighting

And our Hike and Float Tour is more active and off the beaten path – we take smaller groups for a hike up a portion of the famous Chilkoot Trail and float back down the Taiya River. This tour requires you be in good physical condition and also wear proper footwear.
Today Skagway is home to 920 people and our only industry is tourism

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